Sunset Inn & Suites
100 Sunrise Court, P.O. Box 498
Clinton, Illinois, 61727, United States
Fax: 217-935-4140

Suites & Rooms

We have King and Queen/Double rooms available, both smoking and nonsmoking. For those of you wanting a little more breathing space, there are three Executive Apartments with fully equipped kitchenettes.

Fantasy Suites

GOPR0011 GOPR0010 GOPR0012 GOPR0008 GOPR0014 GOPR0013 GOPR0019 GOPR0018 GOPR0017 GOPR0015 GOPR0016 GOPR0023 GOPR0021 GOPR0022 GOPR0020 Glacier 1A Glacier 3A Glacier 4A Glacier 5A Sunset II 01 Sunset II 06 Sunset II 05 Sunset II 04 Sunset II 02 Sunset II 03 Sunset II 07 Sunset II 08 Sunset II 09 Sunset II 10 Sunset II 14 Sunset II 22 Sunset II 16 Sunset II 23 Sunset II 21

Starlight Glacier

The majestic beauty of Alaska is showcased in the beautiful Starlight Glacier Suite here at the Sunset Inn and Suites. From the snow covered walls to the frosty bar, you and your significant other will be transported to the frozen tundra of Alaska.

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Arabian Nights 019 Arabian Nights 016 Arabian Nights 015 Arabian Nights 014 Arabian Nights 012 Arabian Nights 011 Arabian Nights 008 Arabian Nights 007 Arabian Nights 006 Arabian Nights 005 Arabian Nights 002 Arabian Nights 001

Arabian Nights

Take a magic carpet ride to the enchanted land of Aladdin's Arabia. Let yourself be transported back to a time of Genies and magic. Relax in a secluded desert oasis.

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Cabin Fever 015 Cabin Fever 014 Cabin Fever 013 Cabin Fever 012 Cabin Fever 011 Cabin Fever 010 Cabin Fever 009 Cabin Fever 008 Cabin Fever 007 Cabin Fever 006 Cabin Fever 005 Cabin Fever 003 Cabin Fever 002

Cabin Fever

Our Cabin Fever Suite might not be set in the Rocky Mountains, but it will certainly give you the illusion you are there. Every detail has been scrutinized so that you can relax.

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Crystal Cave 015 Crystal Cave 013 Crystal Cave 011 Crystal Cave 010 Crystal Cave 009 Crystal Cave 006 Crystal Cave 005 Crystal Cave 003 Crystal Cave 002 Crystal Cave 001

Crystal Cave

Flickering torch lights gently guide you as you begin your exploration of our version of cave dwelling. Each chamber has its own atmosphere to enhance your total cave dwelling experience.

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Hawaiian Waters 012 Hawaiian Waters 011 Hawaiian Waters 010 Hawaiian Waters 009 Hawaiian Waters 008 Hawaiian Waters 007 Hawaiian Waters 006 Hawaiian Waters 005 Hawaiian Waters 003 Hawaiian Waters 002 Hawaiian Waters 001

Hawaiian Waters

Your bamboo tiki hut is perfect as you cuddle in your adjustable bed and enjoy the spectacular view of a beautiful Hawaiian Sunset.

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Pearl Under the Sea 012 Pearl Under the Sea 011 Pearl Under the Sea 010 Pearl Under the Sea 007 Pearl Under the Sea 005 Pearl Under the Sea 004 Pearl Under the Sea 003 Pearl Under the Sea 002

Pearl Under the Sea

A huge aquarium between the shower and oversized whirlpool adds to your sense of being one with the ocean and actually gives you the illusion of swimming with the fish as your shower or bathe.

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Rainforest 013 Rainforest 011 Rainforest 010 Rainforest 009 Rainforest 008 Rainforest 007 Rainforest 006 Rainforest 004 Rainforest 003 Rainforest 002


You’ll feel as if you are on an exotic adventure to the rainforests of the Amazon. Subtle lighting creates the feeling of being deep in a tropical jungle minus the snakes and spiders!

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Roman Retreat 009 Roman Retreat 008 Roman Retreat 007 Roman Retreat 006 Roman Retreat 004 Roman Retreat 003 Roman Retreat 002 Roman Retreat 001

Roman Retreat

Roman pillars surround the king-sized bed and oversized whirlpool bath which is equipped with dual motors for your relaxation.

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Space Odyssey 011 Space Odyssey 010 Space Odyssey 009 Space Odyssey 008 Space Odyssey 007 Space Odyssey 005 Space Odyssey 004 Space Odyssey 003 Space Odyssey 002 Space Odyssey 001

Space Odyssey

Experience the feeling of flying among the stars as you enjoy the comfort of your Serenity Latex Mattress, specially designed for your spaceship bed.

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South of the Border 013 South of the Border 012 South of the Border 011 South of the Border 010 South of the Border 007 South of the Border 006 South of the Border 004 South of the Border 003 South of the Border 002 South of the Border 001

South of the Border

Bienvenido to our South of the Border Suite! It is a stunning tribute to our southern neighbors in Latin America – the land of beautiful Senoritas' and dashing Senores.

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Wine and Roses 013 Wine and Roses 011 Wine and Roses 009 Wine and Roses 007 Wine and Roses 005 Wine and Roses 003 Wine and Roses 001

Wine & Roses

The new Wine & Roses Suite embodies the symbols of romance and passion. The rich crimson whirlpool bath is surrounded by columns of climbing grape vines.

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Standard Rooms

executive apartmetn

Executive Apartment

The living room and bedroom both have 40" wall mounted flat screen TVs with DVD playerso you can view your owm movies. The stylish furniture will make you feel right at home.

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king1 Sunset II 26 Sunset II 25

King Room

King rooms have custom made pillow top mattresses as well as a recliner. The furniture was specially designed with our guests' confort in mind

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queen7 Sunset II 27

Double Room

The furniture was specially designed with our guests' confort in mind. The 32" wall mounted flat screen TV frees up valuable dresser top space for your personal possessions.

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